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Frequently Asked Questions

Anchor When do we meet

When do we meet

Meetings are held on the following days and times...

Tuesday | 7pm, 8pm | Good citizen Bronze / Silver / Gold

Thursday | 7pm | Puppy Foundation Course - Advance booking required

Thursday | 8pm | Good citizen Bronze / Silver / Gold

Sunday | 10am and 11am | Good citizen Bronze / Silver / Gold

Anchor Is there a cost

Is there a cost

Membership | £10.00 * Per year

Puppy course 2024 | £60.00 * 6 week puppy course per puppy

All other classes 2024 | £5.00 * Per dog per class

* Prices correct at time of publishing (28 December 2023)

Anchor Which class

Which class should I attend

As you would expect not all classes are suitable for every dog.     

Different Instructors coupled with dogs working at different levels of ability means that we try to match the dog with the training best suited for your requirements     

If you have a puppy, the obvious choice is the 6-week Puppy Foundation course from which you can progress on to the Kennel Club's Good Citizens Bronze training. Please contact us to arrange a placement on the next available course     

If you have an older animal, we encourage you to get in touch with us by dropping us an e-mail giving us details of the breed, age and temperament of dog. Please ensure that you leave us a contact name and telephone number and we will then get back to you either via an e-mail or we can arrange for you to get in touch with one of our instructors by phone to discuss your individual needs.


If in doubt, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

What should I bring

Anchor What bring

Here at the Greenford Canine Training Club our aim is to help you to train your dog.     

We will try to encourage you to spend a little time each day socialising and playing with your dog and gradually teaching the animal how to behave and act in an acceptable manner.     

Our training is all based on making it enjoyable to the animal, through praise and giving treats for good work.     

Should you decide to join us at the G.C.T.C. we do need to ensure that your animal has undertaken an approved course of canine vaccination. This is to protect all our dogs both new and old, from some of the most devastating canine diseases that can so easily be avoided.

Please DO bring with you your animals Veterinary Vaccination certificate.      

Please also bring some tit-bits to encourage your dog; most dogs will do anything if they think that they will get a little treat at the end of it.      

Next, please bring a small toy that you know your animal enjoys playing with.      

Finally please ensure that your dog has a collar and lead and not a extending cord lead. You will find that a short lead or a training lead will give you more control.      

If you are joining our Puppy Foundation Course that we recommend for all our young dogs, there is a one-off charge for the 6-week course (Plus the annual club membership fee)      

If you join any of our other classes, there is a charge made for each session attended (Plus the annual club membership fee)

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